Constantly Creating

Adam has an ever-growing resume of creative endeavors including original plays, poetry (featuring written collections and live performances), science fiction novels, web-based serials, acrylic paintings, and innovative software solutions.  He doesn't just strive to write.  He is constantly searching for entirely new concepts that stretch the bounds of a given medium.  This is witnessed in his plays, many of which incorporate science-fiction themes (a genre rarely attempted on a live stage).

Adam has been writing short stories since 1978, computer programs since 1984, poetry since 1988, novels since 2012, and plays since 2014.  He has hosted his own poetry nights (while participating in countless others), had staged readings of his plays across Florida, and published three works on Amazon.  

He's currently working on:

A new science fiction novel in his existing world of Torrenth
A web-based serial in an entirely different science-fiction universe
A modern absurdist play that is an ode to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead 
A revised collection of poetry

What Others Are Saying About
Adam Nathaniel Davis

"Adam's so talented that it just makes me want to punch someone in their big doughy face."

Mahatma Ghandi
via Fox News

"I'm not ashamed to admit that most of my best ideas were stolen from Adam Nathaniel Davis."

Tennessee Williams
via Reddit

"I'd sell my soul if I could learn to write even half as well as Adam Nathaniel Davis."

Pope Benedict XVI
via Snapchat

"Adam smells like bacon grease and old milk."

Elizabeth Taylor
via Weekly World News

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