When does the host become the server?

a staged reading of a new play
by Adam Nathaniel Davis

presented by Phase Eight Theater Company
!One Day Only!
Saturday, September 8th, at 8PM
at WJCT - 100 Festival Park Avenue
Pay What You Want

SYNOPSIS: Sierra is a computer-based aide installed directly inside Davin's brain. He knows that she helps him with nearly every aspect of his daily life. He doesn't know that she is sentient and self-aware. As Davin's life spirals beyond his control, Sierra becomes more assertive in an attempt to keep them both alive and well. They will each learn that there is not enough space in one body for two fully-actualized souls.

About the Playwright

Adam Nathaniel Davis brings concepts to the stage that have previously been reserved for big-budget, sci-fi blockbusters.

This is Adam's first full play. He has previously completed a volume of poetry, a science fiction novel, and the assembly instructions for a half dozen of Ikea's most challenging pieces. OK, Sierra is centered on the following characters:


Davin is hard-driven, ambitious, compulsive, and... kinda a mess. As he sleepwalks through his life, he's completely oblivious to the second life he harbors inside his own brain.


Sierra is the ultimate prisoner. She is the crowning achievement - and the greatest tragedy - of man's thrust for ever-more-intelligent machines. She does everything in her power to guide Davin's hand. Eventually, she will test that power.


Loren is Davin's boss at the trading firm. She's not the first one to suspect that some of Davin's proficiencies are not entirely his own. But she is the first one to openly call him out on it. The resulting confrontation will not be comfortable.


Roderick is Davin's best friend. Like Davin, he's blissfully unaware of the massive computing power that reside within his own digital aide.

Phase Eight Theater Company

Phase Eight is an ensemble based theater company located in Jacksonville, Florida. Their mission is devoted to fostering great actors through contemporary performances that are to be shared with modern audiences. ​They aspire to be Florida's premier theater institution by developing new voices for the American stage. Their goals are to produce new works that speak to the culture of our region, cultivate and nurture the talent of artists in the company, and create exciting productions that recognize multigenerational and cultural experiences.

Keep In Touch

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